Manisha Sharma from Assam wins ‘Miss VogueStar India 2024’ title

Manisha Sharma from Assam wins 'Miss VogueStar India 2024' title

Guwahati: In an evening of glitz and glamour, Manisha Sharma, a young lady hailing from Guwahati, Assam and a lawyer by profession at the Guwahati High Court, won the prestigious title of ‘Miss Vogue Star India 2024’ in Jaipur.
Representing Guwahati with grace and confidence, Manisha mesmerized the judges and the audience with her charm, poise and intelligence.
Her remarkable journey from the courtroom to the runway reflects her versatility and determination to excel in diverse fields.
Manisha’s win is not only a source of pride for her hometown Guwahati, but also serves as an inspiration for young women across the country.
Its success reflects the limitless potential and talent present in the Northeast region of India.

As she basks in the glory of her triumph, Manisha Sharma stands as a shining example of beauty, brains, and ambition, proving that with dedication and perseverance, one can conquer any stage and realize their dreams. VogueStar is a fraternity of women that organizes national-level beauty pageants in India.

The company is registered under the name VogueStar Horizons Pvt. Ltd. VogueStar, as a platform, offers an inclusive space for women where they can create unique identities for themselves.

The idea is to acknowledge women from across the country without making them compromise on their individualities.

The goal is to build a strong network of women where they empower each other, inspire each other, and learn from each other. This space will be safe and secure, ensuring that each member owns up to their most authentic individual selves and finds their true calling along the journey.

VogueStar, hence, is an attempt to add value to every woman that gets associated with it and empower them in the maximal form.

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