Manipur University starting fresh admission, Kuki students protests

Manipur University starting fresh admission, Kuki students protests

Imphal: The Kuki Students Organization (KSO) on Thursday expressed dismay at Manipur University’s handling of the recent ethnic cleansing in the state and slammed the order for fresh admissions in various master’s level programs and integrated courses.
The organization informed through a press release that due to the current situation, the higher education prospects of the Kuki community have been seriously affected and endangered.
The riots resulted in arson and targeted attacks on students, staff and faculty belonging to the Kuki community, forcing all tribal students, including those from the Naga community, to take shelter in the Assam Rifles camp within the campus and later They were shifted to relief camps.
During the attacks, personal belongings, such as certificates, books, thesis and laptops were deliberately destroyed.
Manipur University, which became a central university in 2005, has lost its inclusive character and has become inaccessible to students, staff and teachers belonging to the Kuki community, KSO said.
“The hallmarks of higher education are access and equity enshrined in the Indian Constitution and upheld by the Ministry of Education and the University Grants Commission.
But now Manipur University has become inaccessible to students, staff and faculty belonging to the Kuki community.
Kuki students called on university authorities to address the immediate concerns of “400 homeless students, including 80 research scholars” on a case-by-case basis without compromising their academic prospects and personal safety.
They said the university should provide facilities to continue their academic career, such as conducting online exams, online pre-submission seminars, and handling certificates.
The student group demanded that new admissions be provided in the hilly areas to continue higher education opportunities for the Kuki community.
The KSO also warned the Manipur University against going ahead with the new admission process until their demands were met and also urged Kuki tribal students not to apply to the university until Alternative arrangements are not made for students affected by recent riots.
Kuki students are the most affected of all communities. On July 27, students from the Kuki-zo community took to the streets of Churachandpur to raise their voice in support of the necessary measures for the students of the community.
On July 27, the Joint Students’ Body, Lamka, which includes several student organizations, wrote to the Governor of Manipur asking him to intervene. The letter said that the student community has been one of the most affected sections of the society.
“While all the students belonging to the Kuki-Zomi community have been forced to flee Imphal, the news that normal classes and examinations continue in Imphal is disturbing and bears witness to the Tribals are being discriminated against.”

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