Manipur police atrocities in Moreh condemned by Kuki-Zo women

Manipur police atrocities in Moreh condemned by Kuki-Zo women

Imphal: The Kuki Women’s Organization for Human Rights, or KWOHR, on November 13 expressed deep concern over the alleged atrocities by the Manipur Police Commando on innocent civilians in the border town of Moreh in Manipur.
Kuki Women’s Organization for Human Rights President Ngaineikim Haokip said that the organization is deeply disturbed by the continuous torture of the seven civilians arrested from Moreh by the Meitei police commandos.
She said that such inhumane violence is unnecessary and a gross violation of human rights and reflects the totalitarian attitude of the Meitei-led state government which is anti Kuki-Zo, anti-constitutional and anti-human.
She also said that continuous violence against civilians by various individuals has been reported to KWOHR and reports indicate that continuous screams are being heard from inside Methi Police Commando Station in Moreh where arrested persons are being rescued from the station.
Begging to be while supposedly expressing the pain and agony they go through in the station.

Moreover, while the presence of Meitei Police Commandos in Moreh is itself a giant controversy owing to the strong opposition by the locals; the grounds for arrests of these individuals are at most suspicious and shocking, she added.

“The operating, detention, arrest, and subsequent highhandedness against the individuals are therefore implicit in the open persecution against the Kuki-Zo community”, she maintained.

While strongly condemning the physical, mental, and emotional assault against the arrested individuals belonging to the Kuki-Zo community by the Meitei Police Commandos stationed at Moreh, the KWOHR President said that it is evident that the conflict in Manipur is a targeted oppression of the minority Kuki-Zo people by the majority meiteis.

Therefore it is urgent for the Central government to take appropriate and immediate measures against the gross violation of Human Rights which could only stir the conflict to a greater gravity and intensity, she added.

The KWOHR also appealed to all Human Rights Organisations to stand in solidarity against the undue use of force and anti-constitutional means by the Meitei Police Commandos and the extreme Human Rights Violations against the Kuki-Zo community.

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