Manipur People’s Army (MPA) armed wing observe 37th raising day

Manipur People's Army (MPA) armed wing observe 37th raising day

The Military Affairs Committee (MAC) of the proscribed Koireng led UNLF has stated that the Government of India holds the key to end the ongoing Kuki aggression.A statement issued by the MAC on the 37th raising day (February 9) of the Manipur People’s Army (MPA), the outfit’s armed wing, asserted that India can end the Kuki aggression any time.

It alleged that all the Kuki armed groups operating in Manipur are patronised by the Government of India.

The violent conflict which resulted from the Kuki aggression is a major strategy of India’s geopolitics designed by the Home Ministry.

To achieve their objective, the Government of India has also been using armed Kukis from Myanmar who are loyal to them, the MAC alleged.

The main objective of the Government of India’s strategy is to suppress the liberation movement of Manipur for good.

Sharpening the internal contradictions of Manipur to the extreme is the first step of this strategy.

This strategy was conceived to create a conflict situation among different communities of Manipur.

It is now imaginable that the Government of India may create exclusive domains for Nagas, Kukis and Meiteis as a solution to the conflict situation in the line of what they did to Jammu & Kashmir, if not exactly similar.

The basic goal of the Government of India’s strategy is to rule out any possibility of peaceful co-existence and collective development of the different communities of Manipur, the MAC alleged.

Considering the changing geopolitical situation of the region and the world, the Government of India came up with the strategy to cripple the liberation movement of Manipur, it alleged.

Creating divisions within revolutionary groups is a part of the same strategy and this is an unmistakable manifestation of the ‘divide and destroy’ policy, it continued.

The main culprit of the Kuki aggression aimed at creating an exclusive political domain by disintegrating Manipur is the Government of India and the Kukis are instruments of this conspiracy, it alleged.

The diabolic conspiracy of the Government of India has two objectives; first, distort the history of Manipur by promoting the fabricated history of Kukis and transform the ongoing liberation movement as a communal conflict and second, deploy countless numbers of Indian armed forces in the name of containing the violent conflict and suppress the Meitei community permanently.

The fundamental goal of the UNLF is restoration of Manipur’s lost sovereignty and creating an independent country where all the indigenous people and other communities who settled here since early times live and grow together.

The primary duty entrusted to the MPA is to wage a war of liberation against the Indian armed forces.

Protecting the lives and properties of the people of Manipur is another inescapable duty of the MPA, it said.

The question of restoring Manipur’s sovereignty can neither be withdrawn nor negotiated, it asserted .

This is a National principle of the UNLF.

There will be no meaning to the establishment of UNLF/MPA, once this National principle is compromised, the MAC said.

On the occasion of the MPA’s 37th raising day, the MAC conveyed best wishes to all fraternal armed groups.

It also paid tributes to all those Manipur People’s Army (MPA) freedom fighters as well as cadres of other fraternal armed groups who have laid down their lives in the course of the liberation movement.

The MAC further paid deepest respect to all those who have been killed in the course of the ongoing violent conflict, and conveyed solidarity to the bereaved families.

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