Manipur Naga People’s Front(MNPF) observes its 11th raising day

Manipur Naga People's Front(MNPF) observes its 11th raising day

Imphal: There must be political dialogue to resolve the current crisis and bring peace to Manipur, said Manipur Naga People’s Front chairman Francis Kashung on the outfit’s 11th raising day.
A statement issued by the outfit said the MNPF celebrated its 11th raising day today at its General Headquarters, all Battalion HQs and stations.
On the occasion, the outfit’s chairman, John Francis appreciated and thanked people of Manipur for supporting the WESEA revolutionary group, and spoke on the current crisis.
After Manipur came under “colonial” India rule, the State has faced many crises including the Naga-Kuki clash and the present onslaught of the Kukis which started on May 3, 2023, Francis said.
The current crisis has destroyed properties and taken the lives of many innocent people. It has displaced more than 60,000 people who are now taking shelter at relief camps, he said, accusing the Indian Government of implementing “divisive policies” in the WESEA State.
The chairman accused India of “deliberately causing” the present crisis and said the Prime Minister not speaking a word on the crisis even after 10 months is clear evidence.
War is no solution to any crisis. To bring about a solution, there must be political dialogues. There will be no winners in war. The current war, “instigated by India”, will only bring further suffering to the people of Manipur, said the chairman, urging members of the Meitei and Kuki communities to find a path to solution and restore peace.
The front’s Home secretary SP Kanmi, Defense secretary Ruichumhao and Publicity secretary Thomas Numai attended the raising day at the general HQs, said the statement.
All ranks and files saluted the organisation’s flag and remembered all slain cadres, said the statement.


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