Manipur Naga People’s Front (MNPF) observed 10th Raising Day

Manipur Naga People’s Front (MNPF) observed 10th Raising Day

Imphal: The 10th raising day of the banned Manipur Naga People’s Front (MNPF) was celebrated on Saturday at its general headquarters, battalion headquarters and stations located in various strategic areas, the organization’s publicity secretary Thomas Newmai said in a statement.

MNPF Chairman John Francis Kasum attended the function as the chief guest.
As part of the celebration, the Chairman hosted the party flag and paid homage to those who sacrificed their lives for the organization and betterment of the society.

The Chairman in a statement expressed concern over the large influx of foreigners in Manipur, stressing that the state is heavily dependent on imports for almost all daily necessities.
The reins of the economy are in the hands of ‘outsiders’ who have an inherent advantage over local traders in the supply of these goods. Thus the local people get very little economic benefit from central assistance to the state. The chairman said that the per capita income is much lower than the national average.
The Chairman also alleged that 80% of the construction of the National Highway has been outsourced to outside companies/firms/agencies.

The chairman alleged that outside companies have taken 100% share in the construction works of water supply NDP schemes.
Foreign companies are also trying to capture supply operations in the state.

The chairman said that in the overall accounts outsiders are taking over the local economies.
He expressed his views that if we want to save Manipur, then community-based politics should be abandoned.

The MNPF said the group’s objective was to “restore disunity and the right to self-determination” as well as to “eliminate disharmony” among all revolutionary groups in the northeastern states.

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