Manipur landslide: Four more bodies recovered, death toll rises to 38


Manipur landslide: Manipur landslid 38 death , Four more bodies recovered.  Search and rescue operations for landslide victims in Noney district of Manipur continued for the fourth day, four more bodies were recovered on Sunday morning, Noney Deputy Commissioner HaulianlalGoethe said.

Two of the four bodies belong to local army personnel. He said the other two were unknown at the time of filing the report.

A joint task force comprising NDRF, SDRF, Army, Assam Rifles, police and local volunteers has stepped up search and rescue operations to find the remaining 24 missing persons from the landslide-affected area.

The unfortunate incident took place on Wednesday at Makhuam (Marangjing) Yard Railway Construction Camp in Noni District.

On Saturday, Assam Water Resources Minister Pijush Hazarika, who arrived in Manipur, visited the landslide site along with Manipur Health Minister Dr Spam Ranjan and CAF & PD Minister L Susindro Meitei and continued.
“Marangjing Landslide, to avoid piles of vehicles and visitors on Ground Zero in Noni, and to ensure that the vehicles used in the landslide search and rescue operation have a smooth, efficient operation, only government vehicles “Vehicles are used in search and rescue operations. Rescue operations will be allowed to proceed beyond the NH-37 junction point,” said DC Gwight.
He said that for other vehicles, only those with entry passes issued by the DC office would be allowed to enter Ground Zero.

DC Guite further asked SDO Haochong to issue entry passes to vehicles only on reasonable grounds after consulting DC and SP.

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