Manipur govt plans autonomy for hill area to ease Kukis, CM Biren

Manipur govt plans autonomy for hill area to ease Kukis, CM Biren

Imphal: In a move to find a political solution to the ongoing ethnic conflict in Manipur, the state government has proposed to the Center that it is ready to give more autonomy to the existing hill councils in the state but not compromise the territorial integrity of the state sources told The Indian Express.
Since the beginning of the conflict, the Kuki community has been demanding a separate administration and alleging that the state government is involved in the targeted destruction of the community.
“Separate administration, in whatever form the Kuki are seeking, is not acceptable to the government or the rest of the population of the state. However, we are ready to address the reservations of the hill tribes.
We have suggested that the autonomy of hill councils can be enhanced so that they have more independence and control in the administration of hill areas.
We hope Kuki will accept the offer and end the dispute,” a source close to Manipur Chief Minister N Biren Singh told The Indian Express.
The Ministry of Home Affairs (MHA) is in talks with representative groups of both the Meitei and Kuki communities to find a solution to the ongoing dispute. More than a dozen such meetings have been held since the controversy erupted, with Union Home Minister Amit Shah himself joining some of them.
The Centre’s points man for the Northeast, AK Mishra, is holding separate talks with the Kuki militant groups under a Suspension of Operations (SoO) agreement with the government.
On Thursday, Brain Singh also discussed the situation in Manipur where over 160 deaths have been reported since the violence started on May 3.
Central government sources, however, said it was unlikely that Kuki would readily accept the proposal given the state’s situation. “At the moment they have dug their heels in on a separate administration.
It will probably come under their consideration only after peace has been established for a long time. But there are other formulas to resolve the hill-valley division that have been under discussion for years,” said a source.
Meanwhile, the state government has formed a five-member committee — three Nagas and two Pangals (Meiteis Muslims) — under the chairmanship of BJP MLA and Hill Area Committee (HAC) chairman Dinganglun Gangnei. And cookies to talk to both. Find the solution.
Like the North Eastern states, Manipur is governed by Autonomous District Councils (ADCs) to provide self-governance to the tribal people, protect their identity, culture and land and Development can be initiated in remote areas.
However, unlike other states, Manipur’s ADCs are not covered by the Sixth Schedule of the Constitution making them separate administrative bodies, but dependent on the state legislature.

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