Leave Erpakon village in 1 month, Dorbar Pyllun warns non-tribals

Leave Erpakon village in 1 month, Dorbar Pyllun warns non-tribals

Shillong: Dorbar Pyllun (general body) of Erpakon village in Meghalaya has decided to evict all non-tribals residing or working within its jurisdiction.

This decision follows the brutal murder of 38-year-old local resident Kyrmen Lyngdoh Nonglait by a non-tribal person, employed at a hotel on May 11.

The Dorbar Pyllun has granted a month’s notice for all non-tribals to vacate the village.

Additionally, the body has mandated that all hotels and dhabas operating within the village must employ only local residents.

The tragic incident, which resulted this drastic measure, involved both the victim and the accused being intoxicated, leading to a violent altercation.

The accused allegedly struck the victim on the head with a plank, causing severe injuries that led to his death in the hospital.

The Meghalaya police arrested the accused the following day.

M Thongni, the headman of Erpakon, and Lambor Kharshilot, the general secretary, stated that these actions are intended to prevent further violence and ensure the safety of the village’s tribal population.

Furthermore, the Dorbar Pyllun has resolved not to issue any no-objection certificates (NOC) for non-tribals seeking to operate businesses within the village’s jurisdiction from now on.

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