All competitive swimmers are familiar with the code of conduct during swimming. When it comes to lane etiquette, the code is as good as the law, maintaining peace among swimmers and allowing everyone to enjoy their swimming without the risk of conflict. But the code, although known worldwide among swimmers, was never put into words.

For those new to the lane who are unfamiliar with such codes, this can be scary. Therefore, while respecting the code, we have decided to divide it into 10 basic principles.
Always choose the right lane for your speed.
When you first walk along the edge of the pool, take a second to look around to see the speed of the lane. You may be flying a fast lane most of the time, but that doesn’t mean it will always be the right lane for you. The best lane is always the one that does not interfere with the performance of you or your fellow swimmers.

Follow the lane direction.
Be sure to observe the lane for the direction of the circle as you check your speed – will you swim clockwise or anti-clockwise?

Lane signs will be available for reference, as well as traffic flow in the lane will be used as a reference. But if you are still unsure, contact the lifeguard to stay safe. Not only is it incredibly frustrating when someone starts swimming towards you in the wrong way, but it is also dangerous. Just take a second to make sure you’re on the right track.

When entering the lane, make sure it is clean.
You should not jump or slip straight into the lane of your choice, just as you would not into the lane of incoming traffic. Before entering the pool, make sure there are no incoming swimmers. If there is no ‘good’ time, then sit by the lane to let swimmers know that you are there and ready to join the lane, but enter the water only when it is clean and safe.

Wait at least 5 seconds before pushing.
As a compliment to your fellow swimmers, wait at least 5 seconds before pushing someone back – even more if you can. The closer you get to swimming in front of you, the more the person is dragging you along, so your swimming is easier and harder.

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