Kuki-Zo students holds protest against educational division in state

Kuki-Zo students holds protest against educational division in state

Churachandpur: Thousands of Kuki-Zo students took to the streets in Churachandpur district and rallied against the glaring educational disparity and negligence by the Manipur state government on Saturday.

Organised under the aegis of the Joint Students’ Body, Lamka, the district-wide rally under the theme ‘Rally against educational negligence’ saw participation of students from all kinds of educational institutions and coaching centres.

The rally started from Lamka Public ground and concluded at Mini Secretariat complex, Tuibong. Students raised slogans against the state government for the alleged discrimination against the Kuki-Zo students.

According to the Joint Students’ Body (JSB), the rally was held to protest against the glaring educational disparity. And the consequent negligence on the part of the state, where the conflict has rendered thousands of tribal students unable to resume their classes.

Kuki-Zo students holds protest against educational division in state

The student body also alleged that all forms of remedial measures in catering to Kuki-Zo students’ interest are still pending, while months have passed since these students are left with no respite.

“While students from all kinds of fields had their careers on hold, and in a time where job seekers had to travel to far-off centers irrespective of the cost on their pockets, students of the Zo ethnic tribes felt neglected at the slow pace of the state to adequately address their plight,” stated the JSB.

The rally was a demonstration of the students’ frustration and a culmination of their disorientation.

A sign of protest against a partisan state which only promotes Meitei interests while neglecting the welfare and interests of the Zo people and their students, informed the student body.

In light of the injustices born by the Zo students, the JSB also submitted a memorandum to the Union Home Minister Amit Shah through the district deputy commissioner which demanded the establishment of a Central University, institutes of technical and medical education, timely disbursal of funds and benefits under the tribal ministry to organisations based in the hill districts.

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