Kothari super market in Guwahati demolished by fury miscreants

Kothari super market in Guwahati demolished by fury miscreants

Guwahati: In an act of force and vandalism, a group of unidentified miscreants vandalized several shops at Kothari Supermarket in Basistha Chariali, Guwahati.

Around 40 to 50 shops were destroyed and shopkeepers were forced to leave their shops.
The market mainly has shops that deal in automobiles and vehicle related services.

More than 200 people rioted and forced shopkeepers to leave their shops. They were not even allowed to take their belongings.
In this case, an FIR has been registered at the Basistha police station.
According to the shopkeepers who were forced to leave, they have continued their business in the area for many years after entering into a contract with Malchand Motilal Kothari.

However, now it has been established that the land is no longer in the possession of Kothari.

Instead, a new owner named Sumeswar Tumung had occupied the land from Kothari.

The prime reason for the activities of the miscreants is linked to this development, according to reports.

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