Kohima Super Cup 2022: Eight teams move to quarter finals


Till Friday, the matches were led on a take out premise. Association matches for the Cup will start from the quarter last round.

Kohima: The quarter last adjusts of the continuous Kohima Super Cup 2022 is set to happen in Saturday as eight groups meet all requirements for the association matches, taking out the fantasies of 9 groups from securing the sought after title.

Till Friday, the matches were led on a take out premise. Beginning from the quarter finals, the association matches will start for the cup which is coordinated by the Kohima Town Club (KTC). The best two groups from the two gatherings, after a series of three matches, will make a passage into the elimination round.

The passing groups in Pool-An are New Market FC, Hurricane Boys Phesama, Sechü FC Academy, G Sports FC and in Pool-B are Barak FC, A Yhome FC, Magdaline Coaching FC, and Aphuyemi FC.

score of 5-3. In the second match of the day, Aphuyemi FC crushed Naga siblings by a 21-0 score.

The match recorded the very first triple full go-around of the competition by Aphuyemi FC’s Toka Achumi. The group’s chief Lironthung Lotha and most youthful player 14-year old Vinato Achumi both scored a full go-around each in the match.

Prior, Magdaline Coaching FC’s Dupisa Pucho additionally scored a full go-around in the match against Pro-D-OG’s FC.

On Saturday, New Market FC will play against A Yhome FC at 11:30 AM and Sechü FC Academy will take on G Sports FC at 1:30 PM, at the Indira Gandhi arena in Kohima.

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