Khairamband Keithel women vendors boycott Lok Sabha polls

Khairamband Keithel women vendors boycott Lok Sabha polls
Imphal: Women vendors of Khairamband Keithel, the iconic all-women-run markets, in Imphal declared non-participation in the ensuing Lok Sabha elections as voices of denouncement against holding of the elections without resolving the 11-month old crisis in Manipur getting louder. Local based women organizations, particularly in the violent affected fringe areas of valley districts, have been voicing against the holding of elections before resolving the crisis rocking the state since May 3 last year.
While condemning the holding of the elections, the women bodies declared boycott or non-participation in any election related activities. Joining the chorus, women vendors of Khairamband Keithel including the iconic all-women-run markets under the aegis of Manipur Keithel Phambi Apunba Lup today declared that they will stay away from participating in all the activities related to the ensuing Lok Sabha elections.

Addressing a press conference held at Khwairamband women market today, general secretary of the body Yumnam Ibeyaima decried the holding of the elections amid the ongoing crisis. She demanded that the prevailing 11-month old crisis that has been rocking the state should be resolved first before holding the elections.

The people of the state have been witnessing a cycle of violence arising out of conflict between two communities for the last 11 months. She said that the people of the state, particularly the women, facing immense hardship due to the protracted violence.
“Besides, the atrocities meted out to the womenfolk by the security forces on many occasions during the crisis still haunt the minds of the women,” she also said.

While condemning the holding of the elections amid the crisis, she said that the decision to hold the elections shows that the government has no concern for the life and property of the common people.

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