Karimganj locals allege Bangladeshis tried crossing border, police denies


Local people of Steamerghat Road in Karimganj town say an enormous boat conveying 20-25 individuals from Bangladesh was crossing the Kushiyara waterway around 8:30pm on Friday.

SILCHAR: A gathering of Bangladeshis purportedly took a stab at entering southern Assam’s Karimganj area in the wake of crossing the Kushiyara waterway on a boat on Friday night. The supposed endeavor, nonetheless, was thwarted by ‘alert’ residents.The local people of Steamerghat Road in Karimganj town let columnists know that they saw a huge boat conveying 20-25 individuals from the Bangladesh side arrived at Steamerghat Road point in Karimganj in the wake of crossing the Kushiyara stream around 8:30 pm on Friday. They quickly raised an alert, following which the boat got back to the Bangladesh side, local people said.

The region (Steamerghat Road) where the supposed occurrence occurred, falls under the Karimganj North get together voting demographic and is just 500 meters from the Karimganj Sadar police headquarters. On the contrary side of Steamerghat Road, after the Kushiyara stream, lies Bangladesh’s Sylhet region (Zakiganj region).

The inhabitants thought that the Bangladeshi endeavor to slip into An indian area was out of dread following the overwhelming floods in different areas of Sylhet locale, particularly Zakiganj. Individuals maybe came to cut a dike of the Kushiyara to redirect the waterway’s waters towards the Karimganj side. One more segment of neighborhood individuals thought that the Bangladeshis wanted to come to Karimganj by means of the riverine line side with the rationale of carrying out violations like robbery and dacoity.

Previous second in command of Rabindra Sadan Girls’ College, Sharmistha Khajanchi, who stays at the Steamerghat Road region, said a CRPF camp was there at Steamerghat Road before however was eliminated after which exercises (of Bangladeshis attempting to enter India illicitly) expanded. While there is a BSF camp, the region isn’t watched by security work force due to which Bangladeshis take a stab at slipping into the Indian domain through the riverine line, she asserted. She further focused on that the matter should be treated in a serious way by the specialists and essential advances made to stride up vigil in the boundary regions.

Neighborhood ward magistrate Sukhendu Das tell on Saturday know that he got the data (about certain Bangladeshis arriving at Steamerghat Road on a boat) on Friday night, after which he informed the police. A group of police drove by the official accountable for Karimganj Sadar police headquarters hurried to the spot and began an examination, Das said.

He requested that the region organization ought to start proper measures to guarantee watching by the BSF along the line regions to check criminal operations.

According to news reports, the flood circumstance in Bangladesh’s Sylhet region has deteriorated in the beyond 24 hours, with floodwaters overturning an assurance dike and moving throughout numerous towns by the Kushiyara waterway bank in Sylhet. Around 25,000 individuals have been impacted because of the surge of water. Zakiganj, where no less than 31 alleviation camps had been opened till Friday, is supposed to get a surge of individuals requiring cover as additional towns downstream are probably going to be lowered, government authorities in Bangladesh told the media.

Karimganj, one of the three areas in Barak Valley, shares a 92km line with Bangladesh.

Nearby MLA (Karimganj North MLA) Kamalakhya Dey Purkayastha didn’t answer calls.

A senior authority in Karimganj police, who would have rather not been named, let EastMojo on Saturday know that police, in the wake of getting the fresh insight about the supposed endeavor by Bangladeshis, had visited the spot and led a request, however nothing was found. The underlying test into the matter didn’t uncover anything to prove the occupants’ cases, he said.

A source in the BSF said vigil had been fixed along the boundary region after the fresh insight about the Bangladeshis attempting to slip into An indian area started doing the rounds.

The Karimganj director of police was not accessible for remarks

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