Kantanangre village under darkness for nearly a decade; Why?

Kantanangre village under darkness for nearly a decade; Why?

TURA: As the sun sets, darkness immerses Kantanangre town in Meghalaya’s West Garo Slopes area. The whole town has been dove into dimness because of the shortfall of power for very nearly 10 years following an issue in the town’s transformer.

Kantanangre is situated in Dadengiri block of West Garo Slopes and the electorate is addressed by three-time MLA and Priest James Sangma.
Nokma (head) town Withison M. Marak said, “Our transformer was cut during a rainstorm in the storm of 2014. Since we had no other choice, we reached MECL to illuminate them regarding what is going on. , went to the Phulbari office. However, we were educated that we had back payments of over Rs 3 lakh, which was amazing as we had just 55 families out of which 28 had BPL associations.
“MEECL had requested that we pay Rs 1.5 lakh or the transformer wouldn’t be fixed to reestablish power,” he added.
Social dissident Peter A. Sangma, an occupant of Phulbari in the West Garo Slopes, was stunned to discover that the municipality has been dove into haziness for the beyond quite a long while due to non-accessibility of power. “We went to a little supermarket that served tea in the wake of visiting a few unlawful stone quarries in Maghalpara town. As one of our telephones was running out of battery, we inquired as to whether We could charge our telephone when the retailer let us know something that left us in complete shock. The town has been without power beginning around 2014,” Sangma said.
“The vast majority of the residents were covering their power bills routinely as the bills were given at regular intervals. Yet, how the bill arrived at Rs 3 lakh was outside our ability to comprehend. As the division was prepared to fix the transformer No, we some way or another figured out how to get an electrical technician to fix the flawed transformer, and power was reestablished,” Nokma said.
Authorities of MECL division came to the town and promptly cut the transformer and took it with them, he added.
“If by some stroke of good luck 5 to 6 families needed to clear their forthcoming bills, for what reason did our whole town must be cut off from fundamental help? The division ought to have detached their lines and constrained them to pay, however we don’t know about the office’s disappointment. Busi endured when a large portion of us were utilizing BPL lines whose bills were just Rs 80-100 per month,” said Withison.
Left with no other choice, the townspeople likewise moved toward their nearby MLA, James Sangma, yet he returned with nothing as nothing different regardless of their rehashed visits and supplications.

“We have lost trust as nobody will help us. A large portion of us are day to day breadwinners. Yet again when others are being benefited by the Saubhagya conspire, we are forgotten about. “Our lives make no difference to anybody,” said a resident.
“The main arrangement we are left with is either get sunlight based chargers or generators however couple of individuals will actually want to bear the cost of it,” said the resident.

At present there are in excess of 90 families in the Kantanangre with a populace of more than 300.
“Our youngsters are impacted in light of the fact that they can’t concentrate on at night. A few kids and inhabitants have PCs yet can’t charge them. We need to close the shops from the get-go in the town on the grounds that after dusk “Everything goes dull. We charge our telephones and different fundamentals through little sunlight powered chargers to keep in contact with the world,” added another resident.
When reached, FEDCO, the organization that took over from MeECL, said they knew about the town however added that the locals never moved toward them for an answer.
Townspeople ought to move toward us for their concerns. The issue is that they have a tremendous forthcoming bill because of which the transformer has been eliminated from their town. Residents can reach us and we will attempt to track down an answer. As an organization, we can’t excuse non-installment of bills. In any case, in the event that they approach us, we can unquestionably effectively determine the matter,” said a FEDCO official.

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