Itanagar Excise Inspector was found dead in Upper Siang District.


Yingkiong: A Tamik Taki, a tax and excise inspector in Itanagar, was found mysteriously dead in the Siang River near Jido Village in Upper Siang District on Thursday evening.

His body was allegedly tied with rocks and iron bars.
Taki had been missing from Itanagar since April 22, but was reportedly found in Young Kyung on April 26 and 27.

Suspecting a premeditated murder by a criminal gang, Nugong Banggo Kebang (NBK) has urged the Home Department, and in particular the Upper Siang Police, to investigate the case impartially and bring the perpetrators to justice. Arrest.
Taki was a resident of Komsing village in Siang district and a member of the NBK. Those involved in his brutal murder should not be forgiven. Such criminal gangs are not acceptable in our law abiding society and the authorities Should be dealt with with iron fists, “said NBK President TK Kopak.

The organization quoted Upper Siang SP as saying that police launched an investigation on Saturday after the body was identified by the deceased’s family.

The SP said that an additional inspector has been appointed to assist the investigating officer and he is confident that the case will be settled soon.
The NBK also extends its heartfelt condolences to the bereaved family members of Taki.

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