Inner Line Permit (ILP) in 3 districts invoked by NSF within 30 days

Inner Line Permit (ILP) in 3 districts invoked by NSF within 30 days

Kohima: The Naga Students’ Federation (NSF) has revoked the Nagaland Government’s order dated June 2, 2023 to include Dimapur, Chümoukedima and Niuland districts of Nagaland within the purview of Inner Line Permit (ILP) within 30 days. The demand has been issued.
Addressing the Chief Secretary of Nagaland, NSF urged to put in place all necessary mechanisms immediately.
Additionally, it called for setting up of Inner Line Permit (ILP) monitoring cells at Dimapur railway station, Dimapur airport, and all entry or exit points of Nagaland to ensure effective enforcement and check illegal entries.
The NSF called for strict implementation in all district headquarters without any delay to protect the interests of the local population of Nagaland.
Further, the apex organization of Naga students advocated for enhanced legal process and taking decisive action against ILP defaulters to prevent future violations.
It also stressed the importance of launching a massive awareness campaign to sensitize all communities living in Nagaland about the mandatory requirement of ILP for entry into the state.

According to NSF president Medovi Rhi and general secretary Chumben Khuvung, these demands are not just a plea but a fervent call to protect the identity, culture, and essence of the Naga homeland.

The NSF underscored the significance of the ILP, highlighting its instrumental role in regulating tourist flow and controlling the entry of illegal immigrants.

However, it expressed concern over insufficient implementation, leading to a surge in illicit activities endangering the indigenous population’s unique identity and culture.

The NSF emphasized that the ILP is not merely a document but a safeguard for the interests of indigenous inhabitants, requiring resolute government action supported by honest leadership and public cooperation.

Failure to achieve this synergy has allowed illicit activities to thrive, particularly in Dimapur District, posing a grave threat to Nagaland and the North Eastern hills, the students’ body said.

Despite previous representations to the chief secretary’s office urging effective ILP implementation, the government has failed to take necessary actions, according to the NSF.

Additionally, an ILP verification drive conducted by the NSF detected 637 defaulters in two days.

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