Inner line permit denial, BJP-led deception with NPP, VPP accuses

Inner line permit denial, BJP-led deception with NPP, VPP accuses

Shillong: In a recent election rally held in Sohra, VPP president Ardent Miller Basaiawmoit alleged a conspiracy between the BJP-led central government and the NPP-led MDA government to block Inner Line Permits (ILPs) from Meghalaya.
Basaiawmoit highlighted the change made by the Center in the Eastern Bengal Frontier Regulation, 1873, where the terms “Khasi” and “Jaintia” were replaced by “State of Manipur”, a mutual understanding between the two governing bodies.
Questioning the MDA government’s silence on the amendment, Basaiawmoit asserted that his opposition to the deletion of “Khasi” and “Jaintia” from the regulation was not a reason for implementing the ILP in the state. K contradicts his alleged commitment.
VPP spokesperson Batskhem Myrboh echoed the sentiment, citing the Congress-led MUA government and the current Congress MP, Vincent H Pala,’s past opposition to the ILP.
Myrboh further criticized the Assembly resolution urging the Center to implement the ILP in Meghalaya, calling it a mere front to deceive the people.
He asserted that the resolution serves as a tool for the state government to blame the Center when questioned about the status of the ILP’s demand in Meghalaya.

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