Initiate talks with responsible Kuki leaders, Amit Shah to COCOMI

Initiate talks with responsible Kuki leaders, Amit Shah to COCOMI

New Delhi: Union Home Minister Amit Shah has asked the Coordinating Committee on Manipur Integrity (COCOMI), an umbrella body of organizations based in several valleys in Manipur, to restore peace to the conflict by “responsible Kuki leaders and “groups” have been asked to initiate dialogue. cracked condition.
It may be mentioned here that representatives of the Co-ordination Committee on Integrity of Manipur (COCOMI), the apex body of several organizations of Manipur, met Union Home Minister Amit Shah at his official residence in New Delhi on Friday (August 25).
After this meeting, COCOMI “also held detailed discussions with senior officials of the Intelligence Bureau (IB), as per the Minister’s instructions”.

In a statement, COCOMI said the meetings adopted a six-point resolution which states the following:
“1. Security Measures: Union Home Minister asserts a strong stand against all infiltration into Manipur territory. Steps are being taken to register migrants using biometrics, including retina scan. Strict action will be taken against any kind of encroachment into the territory of Manipur.
2. Border Fencing: To address concerns of mass infiltration, the government is speeding up border fencing in the Manipur sector.

3. Territorial integrity: There will be no allowance for separate administration in Manipur.
4. Appeal for peace: The Home Minister appealed for peace in the state and requested COCOMI to convey this message to the people.

5. On National Highways: Ensuring movement and distribution of goods in the state can possibly be achieved with support from both sides of the communities.

And deployment of convoys necessary to secure the highways will be ensured in a few days.
6. Dialogue Initiatives: COCOMI was encouraged to initiate dialogue with responsible Kuki leaders and groups to facilitate problem solving and peace building.

It may be noted that a 15-member COCOMI team led by its President Jitendra Ningombam left Imphal in Manipur on Thursday (August 24) and held talks with the Union Home Minister on Friday (August 25).

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