Indinglo: Duzuku Valley of Assam

Indinglo: Duzuku Valley of Assam

Duzuku Valley of Assam

Duzuku Valley of Assam, Traveling is a very rewarding hobby that not only gives you happiness and good company but also gives you scope to increase your knowledge.

With the winter season approaching, you can visit Indunglo, a charming village in Dima Hasao district of Assam for a weekend getaway.

Located at a distance of 25 km from the district headquarters Haflong, a serene expanse of beautiful greenery will greet your gaze from every corner of this village.
The village known as Dzukou Valley of Assam is situated in Haflong sub-division of Dima Hasao district and has a total geographical area of ​​2388.25 hectares.

If you are planning to travel there with your companions then take an SUV as the roads are in very bad condition.

Although the journey may seem difficult at first, the beautiful views you will see in the village will be worth it.
As it is often said that difficult roads lead to beautiful destinations, a trip to Indunglo will also be a treasure for a lifetime.

A trip to Indunglo is a great way to spend your weekend vacation away from the hustle and bustle of cities and towns.

The people living in this village lead a self-sufficient life and are mainly engaged in agriculture.

The village does not have enough educational facilities and has only one primary school and one middle school.
Due to lack of opportunities, many local people have migrated to urban areas in search of better means of livelihood.

Friendly locals, breathtaking scenery, rugged terrain and the most fresh air will ensure that your mini-vacation is a wholesome experience full of learning and adventure.

It is better to plan your trip there during sunny days as the rugged terrain will make it very difficult for you to travel there during rainy season.

Moreover, you can also pack plenty of dry food along with water bottles while going there as there are not many eateries nearby.

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