Indian Army’s Assam-based division removed from counter-insurgency role, will now look after China’s border in northeast: report


An Assam-based division of the Indian Army under the Gujarat Corps has been removed from its counter-insurgency role and ordered to maintain the Chinese border in the northeast.

An ANI report claims that no Indian Army unit is now involved in counter-insurgency operations in Assam.

In addition, the 17 Mountain Strike Corps, formerly operating in the Ladakh sector, is now confined to the northeast.
The 17 Mountain Strike Corps has been given additional support from another division, which is outside Jharkhand.

According to the report, the Indian Army has shifted from Ladakh sector to a maximum of six divisions on the border with Northeast China.

These six divisions were earlier deployed in the role of counter-terrorism and maintenance of the Pakistan front.
Indian Army Chief – General Manoj Pandey recently visited areas along the Line of Actual Control in eastern Ladakh and reviewed the war preparations in the region where Indian and Chinese troops have been stranded for the past two years. ۔ .

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