Indefinite economic blockade on NH-2, NH-37 imposed by COTU

Indefinite economic blockade on NH-2, NH-37 imposed by COTU

Kangpokpi: Committee of Tribal Unity (COTU) Sadar Hills Kangpokpi announced his decision to impose an “indefinite economic blockade” on National Highway 2 and National Highway 37 in Manipur from November 15 midnight.
CoTU’s decision for an indefinite economic blockade was taken today during a sit-in by Kuki-Zo women at Gamgiphai in Kangpokpi district.
Earlier, a 48-hour complete bandh by the CoTU in Kangpokpi district demanding the unconditional release of two Kuki-Zo arrested by the Manipur Police in connection with the disappearance of two Meitei boys was called off on the morning of November 13 by a concerned authority ended without response.

The Kuki-Zo women sit-in protest at Gamgiphai on Tuesday demanded the unconditional release of the two Kuki-Zo individuals, namely, Lhunkhosei Chongloi and Satgougin Hangshing by the concerned authorities.

They alleged that the two were arrested on prefabricated charges of abduction case of two Arambai Tenggols in Kanglatongbi.

The elder sister of Lhunkhosei Chongloi said that the duo had gone to drop their uncle to Dimapur for medical treatment and they were arrested while returning to Kangpokpi.

She said that the state government was quick to take action against the Kuki-Zo communities but, action over the murder of four Kuki-Zo family members by the Meitei communities in broad daylight is yet to be taken.

“Therefore, this selective treatment by the state to solve the problem will bear no fruit. The state must take action based on admissible evidence but not by mere assumptions”, she asserted.

Meanwhile, CoTU vehemently condemned the alleged indifferent attitude of the concerned authority in dispensing law and order in Kuki-Zo inhabited areas.

It stated that the Committee on Tribal Unity has been agitating for a meaningful resolution on different aspects but, to their dismay, their demands have been consistently ignored.

“Therefore, the Committee calls for an indefinite economic blockade with effect from midnight of November 15 along the two National Highway – 2 and NH-37”, it added.

It further stated that the unconditional release of the two innocent Kuki-Zo is indispensable on grounds of illegal detention and impartial execution of law and order in a democratic set-up.

It stated that the apparent status of the state indicates the total failure of the constitutional machinery propagated by fascist and lunatic power-mongers of the state.

It further stated that the Committee stands resolute in its endeavor for justice and any form of systematic subjugation will be dealt firmly by the Kuki-Zo people.

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