In violence-hit Manipur miscreants tried to damage Wainem bridge

In violence-hit Manipur miscreants tried to damage Wainem bridge

Manipur: In a daring act of sabotage, the miscreants targeted the important Wainem Bridge, aiming to disrupt the smooth movement of vehicles. However, their malicious plans were thwarted by the swift response of the Indian Army, who intervened quickly and saved the bridge from damage.
The timely action of the army has ensured uninterrupted connectivity and security in the region.
On May 27, a disturbing report surfaced, revealing an attempt by unknown miscreants to damage the Wainem Bridge, posing a serious threat to the transportation network.
The miscreants managed to remove three panels of the bridge, requiring immediate repairs to restore its functionality.
Realizing the gravity of the situation, the Indian Army immediately mobilized an operational team to deal with the impending disruption. Armed with a recovery vehicle, the army column immediately rushed to the scene, fully prepared to face the challenge.
The military personnel cooperated with the local community, and sought their cooperation in the important task at hand. Together, they exemplified the spirit of unity and resilience as they quickly restored the bridge’s disintegrated panels.
Their collective efforts ensured that the bridge regained its structural integrity, ensuring unhindered vehicular flow and passenger safety.
Locals expressed their sincere gratitude to the army for their heroic efforts in protecting the vital infrastructure that connects the region.

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