In two districts of Manipur Security forces dispose of 5 bombs

In two districts of Manipur Security forces dispose of 5 bombs

In response to the prevailing situation, security forces in Manipur have efficiently disposed of five unexploded bombs that were detected in the adjoining areas of Bishnupur and Churachandpur Districts.

Despite sporadic incidents involving the congregation of protestors, the State continues its efforts to ensure peace and security. Over the last 24 hours, coordinated search operations were conducted by the State Police and Central Security forces in the vulnerable areas of Imphal-West, Imphal-East, Bishnupur, and Thoubal districts.

This resulted in the recovery of seven arms, eight ammunitions, and 24 explosives.

The security measures remain steadfast with a network of 124 Nakas/Checkpoints strategically positioned across the various districts of Manipur.

This collective effort has led to the detention of 992 individuals who were found to be in violation of regulations across the State.

While maintaining a resilient supply chain, the movement of 246 vehicles transporting essential items on NH-2 continues uninterrupted. Stringent security protocols and convoy arrangements are in place across vulnerable stretches, ensuring a secure passage for these vehicles.

However, today, there will be no convoy movement on NH-37 due to ongoing road maintenance by the National Highways & Infrastructure Development Corporation Ltd. (NHIDCL).

The public has been urged to rely on verified information and disregard any rumors. Authorities emphasize the importance of verifying facts from credible sources, including the rumor-free number – 9233522822 of the Central Control Room.

Additionally, citizens are encouraged to return any looted arms, ammunition, and explosives to the police or nearby security forces, contributing to the collective efforts in maintaining peace and stability.

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