In pictures: More than 500 families in Imphal are in distress amidst flooding.


Imphal: More than 500 families in Singjamei Wangma Mongkhanglambi and adjoining areas in Imphal East district of Manipur have been inundated after heavy rains in several parts of the state in the last few days.

According to locals, this is not the first time floodwaters have entered their homes. In 2017 and 2018, the residents faced a similar situation due to lack of proper drainage system in the area.
“We have been appealing to the relevant authority to consider the matter since 2017. However, so far, this has not been addressed,” a local said on condition of anonymity.

Although heavy rains stopped in the Imphal Valley on Friday, locals were in serious trouble as floodwaters inundated the entire area.
According to locals, some families have already shifted to flood relief camps as most of the houses were inundated due to the floods. However, if the water level continues to rise, more families will be forced to take refuge in relief camps.

Flood relief camps are being organized by Mongkhanglambi Modern Club in collaboration with Pardhan (Torban Khstrilekai Gram Panchayat) with donations from residents and other well-wishers.
According to Deepak, general secretary of the local club, after heavy rains, all the water flows down and stays below various places like Porompat, Konang Mamang, Wangkhi and Tangapat as it is a low lying area.
In addition, water can be discharged into the Imphal River from the Lone Slice Gate via the Nandibum Yoko (canal). But since the water level in the river is high, it is unsafe to release water in the river.

“Because the water is not clean, we feel very unhealthy and uncomfortable. I am concerned about the health of our children. It is easily flooded, “said Norm Tino, a resident of the area. Tino and his family are currently living in relief camps with other residents.
“Our daughter is getting married today, but since the water has entered our living room, we are moving the wedding venue to the community hall,” said Romela Devi as she kneels in her traditional Matty dress. Were passing through the water below.

“This is not because of the overflow of the river but because of the lack of proper drainage system. Is facing, “he added.

“I run a shop in the area, however, it has been closed for the last three days due to flooding,” said CK Singh, another resident of the area.

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