In Nagaland, these service docks go on a 3-day public holiday.


Dimapur: Members of the Nagaland In-Service Doctors Association (NIDA) went on a three-day collective leave from Monday to demand raising the retirement age of these in-service doctors from 60 to 62 years.

The association said it had decided to go on a massive leave after the state government failed to deliver on its promise to raise the retirement age to 62 as promised by Prime Minister Narendra Modi.

On the first day of the protest, all OPDs remained closed today. However, all serious and emergency patients and patients already admitted to wards and ICUs are being treated as per usual by the doctors of the concerned department, the association said.

Emergency / Injured and ICUs are also open to treat all serious cases and admit patients when needed.

The association said all consulting doctors are at the station and are available 24 hours a day to attend to any medical or surgical emergency.

It urges the public and the media to support its cause so that it can continue to serve the public in the coming days as per the guidelines of the Indian Public Health Service in line with national standards of healthcare services. Enough doctors for.

The state government had earlier warned doctors that they would face disciplinary action as well as pay cuts if they continued protesting.

An order issued by Chief Secretary J. Alam on April 14 drew attention to Rule 25 of the Nagaland Government Servant Conduct Rules 1968 which prohibits government employees from participating in any kind of strike, including collective leave or Any kind of strike.

The order states that public health and hygiene, including the care of hospitals and dispensaries, are essential services, and emphasizes that large-scale holidays could seriously disrupt medical care and public health services.
Accordingly, the government has decided that no one will be given leisure leave from April 18 to April 20 and has directed the Principal Director, Department of Health and Family Welfare not to approve any officer’s leisure leave. Or recall or cancel a previously granted vacation.

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