In Myanmar no KDF exists, Kuki outfit opposes Amit Shah’s remark

In Myanmar no KDF exists, Kuki outfit opposes Amit Shah’s remark

Imphal: The Burma-based Kuki National Organization (KNO) Burma on Thursday reacted strongly to Union Home Minister Amit Shah’s statement in the Lok Sabha that the Myanmar-based Kuki Democratic Front (KDF) had entered India. and waged war against the government in Manipur.

Shah on Wednesday blamed the unrest in Myanmar for the ethnic conflict in Manipur, and urged both sides in the Manipur dispute to resolve their dispute through dialogue.
Shah told Parliament that political instability in Myanmar had prompted thousands of refugees to flee to Manipur through the unsecured border.

“This is to clarify and confirm that no such kooky organization by the name of KDF exists in Burma,” KNO Burma president Letlam said in a statement on Thursday.
“The Kuki National Army-Burma (KNA-B) is the only Kuki organization operating in Burma. As the world knows, we are one of the ethnic groups in Burma fighting against the oppressive regime of Myanmar’s military junta. “The conflict in Burma is endless and there is constant pressure on us to get involved in other distractions like the ethnic issue in Manipur,” Letlam said.
“Many of our villages are constantly attacked and harassed, leaving about 200 of our people homeless and with no choice but to seek refuge in India,” Letlam said.
“We are grateful for your kindness in providing temporary shelter to our people. We have our hands full fighting the Janata here and cannot afford to seek adventure in India,” he said.
“We always look upon India as a friendly country and as a last resort even if temporarily. I confirm that there is no movement of any of our units in Indian territory. If you are the Honorable Indian Parliament If we can explain that up front, we’ll oblige,” Letlam said.
“This allegation appears to be nothing but a figment of Manipur administration’s imagination to scapegoat its own failures,” he added.

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