In Lakhimpur, Assam flood situation remains unchanged

In Lakhimpur, Assam flood situation remains unchanged

North Lakhimpur: Heavy and incessant rains have worsened the flood situation in Assam’s Lakhimpur district for the past four days.

According to the District Daily Flood Report, 23516 people of 22 villages under four revenue circles are affected by flood.
The most affected area in Lakhimpur district is Nowboicha revenue circle where 22466 people from 11 villages have been affected.

The most affected villages are Bharlua, No. 1 Kalahjowa, No. 2 Kalakhowa, Haripur, Phakan Dalani, Solomoria, Konwargaon, Balitika, Deeghpukhuri, Bishnupur, Darangiya, Borchola, Balijan, Chamuah and Putukai.
River Singra, which breached its embankment at Solomoria, diverted its course and flowed in a new direction causing severe flooding in these areas.

The District Water Resources Department is working to divert the river to its original flow by cutting bamboo poles and drains on the banks of the river.
Meanwhile, panic spread among the people living downstream of the Subanseri Lower Hydroelectric Power Plant at Gerukamukh by the National Hydroelectric Power Corporation (NHPC) as the Ghansarai in Telahi Dev block of North Lakhimpur. The river had risen above the danger level.

The rising waters of Subansiri damaged the temporary dam protecting the power house of the nearly completed SLHEP dam four days ago.
It has caused heavy damage to the infrastructure of the SLHEP-Gerukamukh power house and caused considerable landslides.

At the same time, Lakhimpur faces frequent floods due to the release of water from NEEPCO’s Ranganadi Dam.
The NEPCO authority at Yazali in Arunachal Pradesh has already informed the district authorities of North Lakhimpur about the release of water from its dam.

As a result, the water level of the Ranaganadi in North Lakhimpur has risen substantially, threatening the safety of its embankments on both sides of the river.

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