In Imphal Tangkhul women beaten, Naga bodies wants strict action

In Imphal Tangkhul women beaten, Naga bodies wants strict action

In a shocking incident that unfolded on May 24 at Kwakeithel Bazaar in Imphal, Manipur, four women belonging to Tangkhul Welfare Society were brutally attacked. The society has expressed deep sorrow and anger and has strongly condemned the incident and demanded immediate action.
Four Tangkhul women were traveling in an auto-rickshaw towards Imphal airport in Mumbai when they were suddenly pulled from the road and forcibly dragged from the vehicle. Without any reason or provocation, they were subjected to physical violence, including beating a woman with an iron bar, which resulted in her injuries.
Another woman was being dragged, her shirt torn. Shockingly, despite repeatedly revealing their identity as Tangkhuls, the criminals continued to harass them, even threatening their lives if they did not leave behind their belongings and escape.
Increase in suffering, AK. Jhalajit Singh, in-charge of Central Control Room, 1 MR Imphal, Manipur issued a circulation/press note denying the incident and terming it as “absolutely false”. An authority figure is disappointed and condemned by this rejection.
Rather than solving the problem, such a response serves to perpetuate such incidents and minimize the seriousness of the situation. Tangkhul Welfare Society Mumbai urges the officials concerned to discharge their duties responsibly, end enmity and ensure the rule of justice.
Tangkhul Welfare Society Mumbai strongly condemns this barbaric act and the callousness shown by those involved. They are urging the authorities to investigate the incident immediately, prioritize the arrest of the culprits and ensure justice is delivered. Furthermore, they demand a press note of official apology from AK. Jhalajit Singh for circulating a cover letter and suppressing the truth.
Somatai Raleng, President of Tangkhul Welfare Society Mumbai stands firmly behind the victims and vows to fight for justice. The society has demanded the government to take immediate action, remove the growing hostility and ensure the safety and security of all persons in the state.

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