In Delhi tribal forums hold protest outside Amit Shah residence

In Delhi tribal forums hold protest outside Amit Shah residence

New Delhi: Manipur’s tribal forums, including the Kuki-Zomi-Hmar-Mizos living in Delhi, have staged a protest rally on June 7, marching towards the official residence of Union Home Minister Amit Shah.
Carrying placards saying “Cookie life matters”, “Article 356 not 355”, the protesters marched towards the Union Minister’s residence in Delhi and demanded restoration of peace and security for the tribal people living in the violence-torn state of Manipur.
Disturbed by the daily killings of people due to the ongoing ethnic clashes between the Meiteis and Kuki communities in Manipur, the tribal communities of Manipur have come out in large numbers urging the central government to take measures to protect the people belonging to the tribal community.

In a press release mentioning the demands of their protest, the Kuki Women’s Forum Delhi & NCR in a letter to the Union Minister said, “We Kuki Women’s Forum Delhi & NCR, an organization for peace and security. staunch supporters, disturbed by his relentless actions, attacks on our community despite the Home Minister’s recent visit and promises.
House-burning and continued aggression by radical Meitei militant groups backed by state forces has reached an unprecedented level, leaving our Kuki-Zo brothers insecure, especially around Sugnu. There is an urgent need for protection.
Despite the Home Minister’s assurances, radical Meitei groups have not only continued their relentless acts of violence and arson, but are also causing panic in the Kuki-zo tribal villages of the said area even as this press statement continues.
Innocent lives have been lost, homes have been reduced to ashes, and families have been left homeless even a month after the violence began. This is a clear breach of trust and a direct attack on the ideals of peace and stability that our nation holds dear.
The efforts of our state government have time and again proved insufficient to ensure the safety of our people as the police itself is allegedly biased.
We appeal to our Home Minister to recognize the gravity of the situation and shoulder his responsibility by taking immediate and decisive action to stop the aggression and neutralize the threat to us and restore peace and security to our people. carry out
The protestors also included a list of demands that said,

Provide full protection to the tribal Kuki villages by lining the foothills of the valley to act as a buffer zone between the Kuki and Meitei settlements.
2 Insisting the armed forces of Manipur (Commando, IRB, MR, etc.) to operate within the valley or to be stationed in their respective camps/battalions.

3. To carry out combing operations in the valley to arrest Arambai Tenggol and Meitei Leepun terrorists and clear the valley of all illegal and looted weapons.
4. Transfer of all Meitei officers and jawans of Indian Army and CAPF out of Manipur State.
Unless the above steps are taken immediately by your good office, it is only time that all Kuki villages of Manipur will be wiped out by Meitei terrorists whose ultimate goal is anti-national and anti-Indian. is, which is to make Manipur a sovereign state. Country.
If the Government of India does not act now to resolve this issue immediately, it will cost more lives and more resources for the Government of India as well as the people of Manipur who are already facing immense hardship.

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