In Delhi racism attack on Arunachal boy, no arrest yet after 11 days

In Delhi racism attack on Arunachal boy, no arrest yet after 11 days

New Delhi: In what appears to be a disturbing racial attack, an Arunachali teenager, Hongmay Ngemu, a Class 12 student at the CSKM Public School in Chattarpur was brutally assaulted by a bystander for no apparent reason.

The incident unfolded on August 25th in Kharak Rewada village in South Delhi while Ngemu and his friend, Edwin, were merely strolling during the school’s designated game hour.

Ngemu, hailing from Changlang district, sustained severe injuries on his head, leg, and arm, requiring several stitches on his head.

The video clip of the accused, Neelu Pradhan, violently attacking Ngemu without any apparent provocation quickly went viral, bringing the incident to light.

Shockingly, Pradhan and his friend, Azar Khan, uploaded video clips of the merciless assault to their Instagram accounts before deactivating them.

According to a report by Arunachal Times, when Ngemu’s family reported the incident to the Maidan Garhi police station on August 26th, they were initially told that they couldn’t file a case without a medical examination of the victim.

However, when they took Ngemu to AIIMS for a medical examination, they were refused, with medical authorities stating that they should return to the police since it was a police matter.

In Delhi racism attack on Arunachal boy, no arrest yet after 11 days

This medical procedure and their concerns for their own safety led to a delay in filing an FIR. The Maidan Garhi police station eventually registered the FIR (u/s 308/34 IPC) eleven days after the incident occurred.

The Arunachal Times report also states that the principal of the CSKM Public School had filed a complaint about Ngemu’s assault by the two assailants, Neelu Pradhan and Azar Khan, at the Maidan Garhi police station on August 29th.

However, police authorities claim that the victim’s family and the school principal refused to undergo a medical examination as requested. As a result, the complaint remained pending.

According to the report, PN Khrimey, the Joint Commissioner of Police for the Special Police Unit for the North East Region, visited CSKM School and interacted with the victim.

The victim’s statement has been recorded, but Neelu Pradhan, the alleged perpetrator, remains at large, with Delhi Police yet to make an arrest.

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