In Delhi over Manipur crisis Congress leaders met with Prez Murmu

In Delhi over Manipur crisis Congress leaders met with Prez Murmu

NEW DELHI: Top Congress leaders on Tuesday met President Droupadi Murmu and sought her intervention in normalizing the situation in violence-hit Manipur, and a top court headed by a serving or retired judge of the Supreme Court. Demanded the formation of a level inquiry commission.
A delegation of Congress leaders led by party chief Mallikarjun Kharge met the President and handed over a memorandum to him demanding his immediate intervention and immediate steps to help bring peace and normalcy to the Northeast. A 12-point charter of demands was handed over.
“However, there were several lapses in the management of the situation in the early stages of the violence, which led to the current chaos. Now is the time not to point fingers, but to act. If the above suggestions are seriously followed, perhaps Once again peace can be restored. Congress party is a responsible political party and is always ready to support any initiative to restore peace, normalcy and harmony in the state of Manipur,” Congress to the President said in the memorandum.
It also states that “a high-level inquiry commission should be constituted headed by a serving or retired judge of the Supreme Court”.
He called for strong and sustained efforts to control the violence in every part of the state for the immediate restoration of peace, harmony and normalcy, and urged the President to immediately ask the Central Government to Take all possible measures to control. Restrict all militant groups (including those under SoO) and ensure that all armed civilian groups are immediately intercepted by appropriate action.
The party suggested in its memorandum that the state government should immediately take over the management and maintenance of all relief camps and provide adequate health and sanitation facilities for all.
He also said that the letter and spirit of the existing constitutional provisions relating to the state of Manipur should be protected, and trust between communities should be restored through reconciliation and dialogue.
Kharge said on Twitter, “It is with a deep sense of loss and pain that we humbly submit a memorandum to the President of India for his intervention to address the extraordinary situation facing Manipur and immediately can be normalized.” After the meeting.
“As a responsible political party, the Indian National Congress is always ready to support any initiative to restore peace, normalcy and harmony in Manipur. We humbly submit the following 12 demands for immediate action. Only then will peace prevail in the state,” the Congress president said.
Apart from Kharge, the Congress delegation that met the President included former Chief Minister Ibobi Singh, Congress leader Mukul Wasnik, former Deputy Chief Minister Gaikhangam and PCC President Keisham Meghachandra Singh, besides Manipur AICC in-charge Bhakt Charan Das were included.
The memorandum also stated that “the letter and spirit of the existing constitutional provisions relating to the state of Manipur should be protected, and confidence should be restored between the communities through reconciliation and dialogue.”

Later, while addressing a press conference, AIC General Secretary Jairam Ramesh said that the current situation in Manipur is the result of BJP’s divisive politics which is clearly responsible.
“It is an intelligence failure, an administrative failure and a political failure in Manipur,” Ramesh told reporters, blaming the BJP for its divisive politics for the current situation in the northeastern state.

He said that the current crisis was a result of the BJP’s “neeyat aur neetyon” (intent and policies) and alleged a lack of commitment from the state and central governments to resolve it.
“This is the second time in the last 22 years. Manipur burned in June 2001 when Atal Bihari Vajpayee was the Prime Minister, Manipur is burning in 2023 when Mr. Narendra Modi is the Prime Minister. In BJP’s politics and ideology. There is something, there is something in the way the BJP is handling the diversity of Manipur and other states that is not conducive to social harmony in the long run,” said Ramesh.
He said that many innocent lives have been lost, hundreds of houses have been burnt and thousands of people have been displaced from their homes, but the state government and the central government are still silent.

He added that Congress leaders in the state are returning to Imphal and have sought a meeting with Home Minister Amit Shah for immediate restoration of peace and normalcy there.
“It is RSS/BJP’s divide and rule politics that is responsible for the current crisis in Manipur. The last time Manipur was burnt was 22 years ago when BJP was in power at the Centre. Things are worse this time. have become worse than,” he also tweeted.

Ramesh said that this morning a delegation led by Congress president Mallikarjun Kharge presented a memorandum to the President of India on the ongoing ethnic conflict in Manipur and presented 12 demands.
He said that 15 months ago BJP got a big mandate in Manipur due to the support of militant groups there.

Why did you compromise with them to win the election? The current crisis in Manipur is a result of BJP’s divisive policies,” he asked.

Ebobi Singh asked why Prime Minister Narendra Modi and Home Minister Amit Shah have been silent so far and what their intentions are to resolve the crisis and not bring immediate peace.
“What is the government’s responsibility for law and order because killings and arson are going on. Manipur is under India? Why is the Prime Minister silent? Why is Amit Shah silent? He remains a silent spectator,” the former chief minister said. Accused.
Alleging that the violence could have been stopped on the first day but it was allowed to continue till now, he said, “The prime minister’s silence shows that there is a deep conspiracy”.

Do you want to divide the state or hand it over to others? Why is there such an approach,” he asked.
The Congress demanded that the villages located near the foothills of the two communities should be covered with adequate security so that armed militants do not intrude and disturb the peace.
“The Central Government should take measures to resettle all displaced persons in their original place or in safe areas with adequate security arrangements. All victims and victims should be given dignified and reasonable compensation for loss of life, property and all other related things. “Payment of compensation. There is need for immediate identification of those who lost their lives and their bodies should be handed over to the bereaved families for cremation,” the party also demanded that the large number of missing persons be accounted for. A special campaign should be launched to find out.

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