In clashes-hit Manipur, 12 bunkers destroyed by security forces

In clashes-hit Manipur, 12 bunkers destroyed by security forces

Imphal: In a significant development in the ongoing ethnic violence plaguing Manipur, a total of 12 bunkers, reportedly used by armed miscreants, were demolished on Wednesday.

Additionally, a substantial cache of arms, ammunition and explosives was seized during the operation, according to an official statement.

The bunkers, located in Seijang village within Jiribam district of Manipur, bordering Cachar district of Assam, were dismantled and destroyed in the early hours of Wednesday (May 01) morning.

The coordinated effort, conducted jointly by the Assam Rifles and police in Jiribam district of Manipur, aimed to neutralize threats posed by armed individuals operating in the area.

The operation was launched in response to reports of an individual encountering armed miscreants in the vicinity.

As a result, 12 bunkers were successfully identified and demolished in Seijang village, contributing to efforts to restore peace and security in Manipur.

During the search operation, a significant cache of weaponry and other war-like stores were recovered.

The recovered items included a single-barrel firearm, 12-bore cartridges, empty cartridges, carry bags, a cartridge belt, a walkie-talkie radio with a charger, and bulletproof jackets (without BP plate).

Despite the extensive search, the armed miscreants managed to evade capture.

All confiscated items were promptly handed over to the authorities at the Jiribam police station of Manipur for further legal proceedings.

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