In Churachandpur situation tense, 20 pipe bombs, 3 firearms found

In Churachandpur situation tense, 20 pipe bombs, 3 firearms found

Churachandpur: Over the last 24 hours, the state of Manipur experienced moments of tension as sporadic incidents of firing and the congregation of protestors raised concerns. However, security forces responded with strategic measures to address the situation.

In a series of search operations carried out by security personnel, the fringe and vulnerable areas of Churachandpur and Imphal West districts were targeted.

Notably, the operations yielded significant results as a cache of 20 explosive devices commonly known as pipe bombs, 3 firearms, 20 rounds of ammunition, and approximately 30 grams of gunpowder were recovered from Churachandpur district.

In light of these developments, authorities ensured the movement of 571 vehicles along NH-37, ensuring the transportation of essential goods.

Stringent security protocols were implemented in vulnerable regions, with security convoys deployed in sensitive stretches to facilitate the safe passage of vehicles.

The security situation prompted the installation of 130 checkpoints and Nakas across various districts of Manipur, encompassing both hill and valley areas.

As a result of these measures, law enforcement apprehended 1911 individuals in connection with violations across different districts within the state.

Police have issued a plea to the general public to remain cautious of false information and unfounded videos circulating on various platforms.

To counteract the spread of misinformation, a dedicated rumor-free hotline has been set up. Citizens are urged to verify the authenticity of any suspicious content by reaching out to the Central Control Room at 9233522822.

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