In a massive fire in Agartala, 150 shops gutted into fire completely

In a massive fire in Agartala, 150 shops gutted into fire completely

Agartala: After the devastating fire that broke out in the Battala market in Agartala city in the early hours of Monday, Tripura Chief Minister Manik Saha has promised comprehensive cooperation with the affected traders.
More than 150 shops were gutted in the fire, causing extensive damage to the market premises.
As soon as the incident was reported, Chief Minister Saha along with Agartala Municipal Corporation Mayor Dipak Majumder and other officials immediately visited the accident site to assess the damage.
He expressed concern for the affected businessmen and assured them of government support in this difficult time.

During the inspection, CM Saha interacted with the affected traders and expressed gratitude for the timely response of the Fire and Emergency Services, which dispatched nine fire tenders to the scene, preventing further escalation of the fire.

“I have received information that a massive fire engulfed a part of Battala market. Many traders have suffered losses. I have come here with the Mayor, and I have spoken with the ADM.

After a complete assessment, we can determine the accurate amount of loss. There were retailers and other shops as well that were damaged,” said Saha.

He revealed that the preliminary assessment suggested a loss exceeding Rs 1 crore, emphasizing the government’s commitment to providing assistance.

Saha acknowledged the swift response of the fire brigade, preventing the fire from spreading extensively.

Police said that indicated that the fire likely originated from an electrical short circuit. Immediate action was taken as the Fire and Emergency Services were notified, and the timely arrival of nine fire tenders prevented further devastation.

Police also outlined the extent of the damage, revealing that among the affected shops, 130 were vegetable vendors, five were poultry shops, five were wholesale outlets, and 15 were grocery stores.

The estimated loss is expected to exceed Rs 2 crore.

Saha concluded by stating that government officials are actively assessing the situation to determine the most effective ways to assist the victims. Preliminary findings point to a short circuit as the cause of the fire.

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