IIT Guwahati develops technology for CO2 capture from NTPC power plants.


New Delhi: The Indian Institute of Technology Guwahati has partnered with NTPC Limited to design and build a high-powered plant to extract carbon dioxide from power plants.

The Premier Institute claims that it has the potential to cope with global climate change and will help natural gas and petroleum refineries, among others.

According to officials, the technology developed by researchers at IIT Guwahati works on flue gas – a mixture of gases produced by burning fuel or other materials in power stations, which contains a new active amine solvent ( Using IITGS), up to 11%. Less energy than commercial activated MDEA (monoethanolamine) solvent and up to 31% less energy than benchmark MEA (monoethanolamine) solvent.

Following the successful completion of the test studies, the pilot plant has been transferred to NTPC’s (National Thermal Power Corporation Limited) NITRA facility. Bishnupada Mandal of the Chemical Engineering Department of IIT Guwahati said that the next phase of the study would include testing of a pilot plant using industrial flow gas.

Increased anthropogenic CO2 emissions are one of the reasons for global warming. Extensive research efforts are being made by the scientific community to overcome this global challenge, including changes in existing technologies to improve performance for CO2 capture.
This technology is used in coal and gas-fired power plants primarily to produce small amounts of food grade CO2 (compared to CO2 capture in power plants).

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