If Manipuri is influenced by lifestyle, culture then Mani Puri Cinema can move forward: Aribam Syam Sharma


Imphal: Renowned filmmaker Aribam Siam Sharma has clearly said that if filmmakers study the lifestyle, aesthetics and culture of Manipuri and include them in films, then Manipuri cinema can move forward.

“Manipur has a great potential for making good films as it is rich in culture and aesthetic values,” he said.

The 87-year-old filmmaker was speaking during the second session of “Talk Series on Film Direction” at the Preview Theater, MSFDS, Manipur on Wednesday, which is being held as part of Manipur Cinema Festival. That was Golden’s closing program. Jubilee celebration of Manipuri Cinema.

Syam Sharma said that he is proud to say that being born in Manipuri, he has managed to make famous films like ‘Imagi Ningthem’, ‘Ishanou’, Yelhou Jagoi, The Marms, Sangai – The Dancing Deer. Etc. Manipur production, especially its culture.

He asked the filmmakers to understand the nuances of Manipuri’s lifestyle.

He also noted that Manipur may be the only small state in the world to have told a story of continuous motion picture in its own language for 50 years.

He further advised the budding and experienced filmmakers that mini-cinema would be affected without discipline.

Admitting the lack of professional training among filmmakers and technical staff, he said, “Without formal training and film education, it would be difficult to enhance the status of mini-cinema.”

Discipline with space is essential for individuality, while ego and false pride will lead to the demise of the whole cinema.

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The film community in Manipur is very small and it should consider itself as a family and work together for collective development, ”he added.

The veteran filmmaker noted that movie screenings have moved from the big silver screens to televisions and mobile phones in everyone’s pockets.

In an age where proper training is essential for the advancement of mini-cinema along with technological advancement.

He emphasized that with training comes awareness and understanding of the different roles, responsibilities and rankings of the staff, which will ultimately promote discipline.

He also said that choosing the right actors for specific roles goes a long way in the success of the film.

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On Friday, Aribam Siam will have an extensive discussion with popular singer, Chongth Umm Kamala on film music and background scoring.
Earlier, ‘Imagi Ningthem’ and ‘Orchids of Manipur’ will be shown on Thursday afternoon so that the participants can understand the idea and get an in-depth understanding of the topic.

Once again on Monday, April 25, Aribam Syam Sharma will share his experience of acting and directing actors for cinema, with the help of Manipuri movie stars Yengkhom Roma and K Tomba aka Lamza Tomba.

All film fans and film experts are invited to listen and learn from the master filmmaker.

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