“ID-My Identity” a Bengali film,based on Assam’s NRC controversy

“ID-My Identity” a Bengali film,based on Assam's NRC controversy

Guwahati: A Bengali film titled “ID-My Identity” has sparked conversations in Assam after its theatrical release. Set against the backdrop of the controversial National Register of Citizens (NRC) update process, the film delves into the human cost of identity doubt and exclusion.

Directed and produced by Dipak Das, a Silchar native who honed his craft in Bollywood and Kolkata, the film draws inspiration from the 2019 NRC draft that left 40 lakh people without citizenship status.

“The facts are real, the characters are fictional,” Das explains. “I wanted to show how families were torn apart by the NRC, how identity doubt became a trigger for suicide,” he said.

The story revolves around Rimpy, one of the 19 lakh excluded from the final NRC draft in 2019. Das narrates her harrowing journey: her husband’s suicide driven by despair, her escape with her children from police seeking her for unclear identification, and the uncertain fate that awaits her.

Reacting to the film, renowned producer Sanjive Narain praises Das’s courage in tackling the sensitive topic and his ability to evoke empathy. “He has handled a difficult subject with honesty and emotional depth,” Narain says.

However, the film’s limitations are also acknowledged. Krishnanu Bhattacharjee of Beekshan Cine Commune points out legal constraints that prevented Das from portraying the entire NRC picture. “He couldn’t show everything, but he captured the pain, the loss, the raw emotions,” Bhattacharjee says, adding that he witnessed viewers moved to tears.

Assam-based film critic Biswajit Sheel finds the film’s emotional core accurate despite technical flaws. “Some scenes felt unnecessarily long, but the director’s success lies in making us feel the agony,” he says.

Senior journalist Uttam Kumar Saha lauds the film’s emotional impact, transcending language barriers. “The suffering wasn’t limited to any community. The film shows that, and it touches the heart,” Saha says.

“ID-My Identity” may not be a cinematic masterpiece, but its raw portrayal of the human cost of the NRC update makes it a powerful and timely film.

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