Hindi in NE: There is nothing wrong with learning a new language, says Chief Minister of Meghalaya.


Shillong: Amid debate over Union Home Minister Amit Shah’s remark to make Hindi compulsory up to 10th standard in northeastern states, Meghalaya Chief Minister Konrad K Sangma has said that there is nothing wrong with learning a new language.

However, he said there should be equal emphasis on learning or research institutes for local languages.
Speaking to media on Tuesday, Sangma said that he has seen the benefits of learning both Hindi and English and he does not feel any reason to learn any new language.

“English has emerged as one of the most common languages ​​in the world, especially in the job market, and so one has to master English. But at the same time, Hindi is one of the most common languages ​​in the country. It is a widely spoken language and therefore it will be beneficial for our youth to learn a new language like Hindi, ”Sangma said.

Stating that there is no problem in allowing children to learn both English and Hindi, Sangma said that although the central government is working towards making it (Hindi) compulsory, they have not yet received any official confirmation.

The Home Minister said that mother tongue should always be at the forefront and local language should be given top priority. Therefore, more emphasis should be placed on learning and researching local languages, ”said the Chief Minister of Meghalaya.

He added that the central government should be given funds to promote local languages ​​as well as to set up institutes for its research and documentation.

Sangma added that no one should be prevented from learning Hindi or other languages. “If children can learn English, Hindi or other foreign languages ​​for this purpose, it will help them in terms of future employment opportunities,” Sangma said.

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