High-level security meeting at Imphal to overlook security situation

High-level security meeting at Imphal to overlook security situation

Manipur: A security and coordination meeting was held at the 1st Manipur Rifles, which was attended by senior officers of all central and state forces posted in Imphal city.

Attended by senior officers of the Army, Assam Rifles, Manipur Police, CRPF, BSF and RAF, the meeting was led by the Assam Rifles. The participants held wide-ranging discussions and deliberations focusing on formulating strategic initiatives to address potential challenges and ensure the maintenance of peace and harmony in the city.
One of the main objectives of the meeting was to coordinate the efforts of all security forces operating in Imphal. Recognizing the importance of coordinated action, officers exchanged ideas and insights to improve their collective resources and expertise. By aligning their strategies and operations, the forces aim to increase their effectiveness and respond quickly to any future contingencies.
Earlier on May 15, the Indian Army, in close consultation with the state government and all stakeholders, launched fresh and comprehensive security measures to address concerns and instill confidence among members of all communities living in vulnerable areas on the outskirts of Imphal. Steps were taken. In order to maintain the hard-earned peace in Manipur, strict measures and a strong multi-agency intelligence grid have been put in place.
More than 128 columns of the Army and the Assam Rifles, supported by Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAVs) and Remotely Piloted Aircrafts (RPAs), have been continuously deployed to dominate the area, ensuring full normalcy. Recovery is being ensured. In the last 72 hours, long-duration patrols comprising well-equipped teams of riflewomen of the Assam Rifles were dispatched to vulnerable areas identified on the advice of the state government.

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