Hajong and Chakma tribes seek full rights as indian citizen in AP

Hajong and Chakma tribes seek full rights as indian citizen in AP

Itanagar: The Chakma Hajong Rights Alliance (CHRA) on Tuesday announced that there can be no talks with the Arunachal Pradesh and Central governments until Chief Minister Pema Khandu clarifies that the Chakma-Hajong issue the solution will be sought within the state itself.According to 1996 judgment of the Supreme Court and giving them full rights as citizens of India.
The Chakma Hajong Rights Alliance (CHRA), a representative body of two tribal communities in Arunachal Pradesh, on Tuesday discussed the Chief Minister’s statement in March that he would call him to resolve the long-standing issue and his statement on April 24. An official ceremony in Nagar that the Chakma-Hjong issue will be resolved by dividing it into different states of India.
“The Chakmas and Hajongs need a solution, not relocation. Under Indian law, a person is considered an ordinary resident after six months of residence, but the state of Arunachal Pradesh almost 60 years after the Chakmas were settled has proposed their transfer which is inhumane and cruel,” CHRA convenor Pritimoy Chakma said in a statement.
The CHRA also passed a resolution “appealing to the Khandus not to mislead the people of Arunachal Pradesh on the issue of the state being a tribal state and therefore to be protected, and the Chakmas and Hajongs to be permanently protected.” Arunachal Pradesh is not recognized as a tribal state under the Constitution of India including Article 371(h) and the Chakmas and Hajongs are under the then North East Frontier Agency (NEFA) was permanently settled by the Government of India.
It claimed that Chakma and Hajong are not migrants, they are casting their votes and are only victims of racial discrimination.

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