Greater Tipraland is the foremost demand,Tipra Motha to Ak Mishra

Greater Tipraland is the foremost demand,Tipra Motha to Ak Mishra

Agartala: Former Tipra Motha chairman Pradyot Kishore Manikya Debbarma reaffirmed the party’s unwavering commitment to the Greater Tipraland cause after a meeting with A.K. Mishra, retired IPS and Advisor (North East) to the Union Ministry of Home Affairs (MHA).
In this debate held in Agartala, Tipra Motha reiterated his demands and emphasized the need for the Government of India to address the historical injustices faced by the indigenous people of Tripura.
As the principal opposition party in the state, Tipra Motha presented its case in line with constitutional principles during a meeting with the home ministry adviser.
Pradyot, speaking to reporters later, emphasized that there had been no compromise on his core demand for Greater Tipraland.

He urged the Government of India to carefully consider their points and take decisive action for the betterment of the Tiprasa community.

“We have firmly communicated our stance to AK Mishra, and now it is incumbent upon the Central government to evaluate our demands.

We have specifically called for the establishment of Greater Tipraland as the ultimate solution, including a separate administration.

If the government has alternative proposals, we encourage them to submit those ideas in writing, and we will give them due consideration,” Pradyot stated.

Highlighting the prolonged marginalization of indigenous people, Pradyot stressed that the demand for Greater Tipraland is firmly rooted in constitutional rights.

He clarified that the party is not willing to compromise the essence of their demands for the sake of a peaceful resolution and reiterated that the onus is now on the Central government to acknowledge their grievances and ensure equal representation and justice for the indigenous people of Tripura.

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