Gaurav Gogoi slammed Assam CM; Sarma seeks only TRP

Gaurav Gogoi slammed Assam CM; Sarma seeks only TRP

Shillong: Slamming Assam Chief Minister Himanta Biswa Sarma, Congress MP Gaurav Gogoi on Tuesday said that Sarma wants TRP and if his name does not appear regularly in the newspaper, it is a problem for Biswa. There is a feeling of

Gogoi made this statement during a press conference after meeting aspiring candidates for assembly elections at Shillong Congress Bhawan. Congress leaders were answering questions on the Assam-Meghalaya border issue.
Gogoi said he felt the Assam chief minister could sometimes arm-twist his neighboring chief ministers to sign something he didn’t want so that he could get his TRP to appear. That he was able to achieve something as NEDA chairman. “I don’t know if it applies in this particular case or not, but I hear it often happens…so the Chief Ministers of other states should be strong and stand up to their people and champion their land. It should be made and these people should not be turned away. Sitting in Dispur or sitting in Delhi,” said Gogoi.
Gogoi added that two chief ministers sitting in a private room cannot decide state boundaries as it affects the people living in those areas, and they have to be taken into confidence.

“I think it’s quite arrogant of them to think that they can change the boundary as they want without taking the people on the ground into confidence and just sitting the two of them in a private room in Delhi or Guwahati” said, Gogoi.
Asked why the Congress never took up the issue when he was in power, Gogoi said he may not have solved the problem but he did not have that level of bad blood and mistrust. . “We agreed to disagree. There were strong chief ministers on both sides and they always said the issue needed to be resolved and there was a very pleasant atmosphere.Gogoi added that the feeling that we now have about the blood that was not there and I think it is quite damaging and it shows the mismanagement of the border issue in Northeast India, which is too complicated and is being treated too lightly,” Gogoi added.
He added that the signing of the MoU is just a picture. Gogoi recalled that before the Assam-Meghalaya or Mukroh incident, or before the Assam-Mizoram firing incident, Union Home Minister Amit Shah had come to Shillong and the chief ministers of all states and DGPs of all state police on law and order. A meeting was called.
“You have the Chief Ministers of these two states signing agreements and then you have border conflict and firing again. I think it is very unfortunate, it is condemnable and it is a failure of both governments and It is a failure of both the Chief Ministers and it shows how the signing was just a sham operation,” Gaurav Gogoi added.

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