Garo Hills residents facing sleepless nights due to load-shedding

Garo Hills residents facing sleepless nights due to load-shedding

Tura: With Meghalaya going through one of its driest spells in the state’s history, residents may have to wait for uninterrupted power supply for a long time.

Informing this over the phone, Power Minister AT Mondal said that unless the state receives good rainfall in the coming days and weeks, load shedding will continue.
“All our energy sources depend on the availability of water and with all the rivers in the state drying up, the situation is critical. We are using the time provided now to repair the damaged infrastructure so that once we Back on track we can ensure minimum disruptions,” Mondal said.

He added that he is watching the Ganol project in Garo Hills very closely and will ensure its completion this year.
“Once this is done, it will definitely bring relief to the people of the state, especially in the Garo Hills region. The project should start as soon as possible,” he added.

Meanwhile, residents of Garo Hills are shocked by MePDCL’s load shedding schedule in the area, terming it as ‘unconscionable’.
“Tell us who shuts off the power during the hours when we really need sleep. Imagine coming home and working all day to sleep and the lines go off at 11 p.m. It’s no way. Makes no sense and needs to be rethought. How can we sleep without electricity at night during these summer months when there is no electricity for more than 6 hours a night? asked an AM Marak from Tura.
Peter A. Sangma, a resident of Phulbari, was even more critical in his comments, calling the move discriminatory.

“We’re not in Shillong or any hill station where we don’t need electricity at night. It’s not a luxury anymore. We need our ceiling fans to work for some sleep. These people In what world do people live that cannot understand the seasons of the Garo Hills? Is Meghalaya meant to cater to all but the Garo Hills? asked Peter.
Similar views were expressed by many residents who demanded answers from the power department officials as to why the reduction of load shedding hours from 10 hours to 8 hours made the situation more unbearable for the residents of Garo Hills.
The situation for residents is made worse by the fact that the region is looking less likely to experience heavy rains, at least not until this weekend.

“We are in a really dire situation right now. Apart from the water problems, we can only pray to the gods of rain to repent while also praying to the gods of the present government to at least save these people. Do something to reduce the hassles of living a second-class citizen’s life,” felt another Tura resident. Max Birth Believer.

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