From Churachandpur locals demanding separate administration

From Churachandpur locals demanding separate administration

The people of Lamka in Churachandpur district are expressing their wishes through several hoardings or billboards across the city.

These hoardings serve as a visual representation of the demands presented by the Kuki Zo community.
The core of their demands is the demand for complete separation of the administration from the state of Manipur.

This demand also highlights their desire for fair equality, a just and peaceful democratic society free from tyranny and characterized by good governance.
To make their position clear, the hoardings bear powerful slogans such as “Justice before peace; separation is the solution.”
According to reports, these slogans serve as a reminder of the community’s unwavering belief that justice and lasting peace can only be achieved through the establishment of a separate administrative body.
By displaying these messages in prominent public places, the Lamka people aim to draw attention to their cause and start a conversation about their demands.

These hoardings serve as a clear symbol of their collective aspirations and reflect their determination to follow a path that they believe will lead to a more just and peaceful future for their community.

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