Former Tripura Chief Minister criticize Tipra Motha, IPFT for ignoring people hardship


Agartala: Former Tripura Chief Minister Manik Sarkar on Sunday slammed the regional parties Tipra Motha and IPFT, which is part of the BJP-led government in the state, for allegedly “causing trouble to the people”. Demand for “eye-rolling” and “unreal” greater Tipraland.

The CPI (M) leader said fuel prices had reached an all-time high but the BJP at the Center was paying “no attention” to the concerns of the people in Parliament.

“It’s ridiculous that when fuel prices were low worldwide, the country was skyrocketing. No one can survive by ignoring such a fundamental issue,” he said. Wing, addressing a conference of the Tribal Youth Federation.

He also accused Tipra Motha and the Indigenous People’s Front of Tripura of turning a blind eye to the burning issues by raising the demand for Tipraland .

“Where is the party that raised the demand for Tipraland before the 2018 Assembly elections? Ask those who have raised the greater Tipraland to explain the concept,” he said.

The veteran CPI (M) leader urged the ‘tribal saviours’ to work for strengthening the Tripura Tribal Autonomous District Council (TTAADC).

Those who consider TTAADC a state are living in a fool’s paradise. This is a special arrangement under the Sixth Schedule of the Constitution. The body should try to give more strength. In addition, steps should be taken to include the Kokborok language in the Eighth Schedule of the Constitution.

He claimed that the slogans of “Tipraland and Greater Tipraland ” were aimed at breaking the alliance between the weaker sections of the people so that they would not raise their voices against burning issues such as unemployment, inflation and high fuel prices. “They can,” he claimed.

The government also recalled the history of the Janashaksha movement, which “changed the education system in the tribal areas in the late 70’s”.

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