Forest officials rescued gaint Python weighing over 100 kilograms

Forest officials rescued gaint Python weighing over 100 kilograms

Guwahati: Forest officials with the help of the Sashastra Seema Bal (SSB) on Wednesday rescued a giant python from a pond at Bogamati Deuchunga village in Udalguri district of Assam.

The giant snake, about 20 feet in length and weighing over 100 kilograms, was first discovered by the villagers in a pond, who immediately informed the forest range office.

Personnel of the forest department immediately rushed to the spot with a team of SSB and rescued the python.

The forest officials later released the python in the Bornadi Wildlife Sanctuary.

Forest officer Jiten Sud said, “We were informed by the villagers that they have spotted a giant python in a pond. We soon rushed to the spot and saw the snake in the pond. After rescuing the snake, we brought it to the forest office and later released it in the forest.”

The forest officer said that wild animals often stray out from the forests in search of food due to the fast depletion of the forest cover.

“Wild animals often stray out of the forest in search of food due to its scarcity in their habitats due to fast depletion of the forest cover. The wild animals sometimes go on a rampage in the human settlements destroying houses and crops. The people should be conscious to avoid such occurrences,” Sud said.

Forest Officer Sud said that they often face difficulties in carrying out their duties due to the limited resources available to them.

“We face problems in carrying out our duties due to limited resources available to us. First of all, we are understaffed and we don’t even have a good vehicle. The one we have is somehow running and at times, we even face scarcity of fuel,” Sud added.

Forest Officer Sud further said that owing to all these reasons, the villagers sometimes get enraged as they cannot reach on time on being called by the villagers.

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