For quick repair of NH-6 four northeast MPs seeks Gadkari interest

For quick repair of NH-6 four northeast MPs seeks Gadkari interest

Guwahati: Members of Parliament (MPs) from four North-Eastern states – Meghalaya, Assam, Tripura and Mizoram have sought Union Road and Transport Minister Nitin Gadkari’s intervention to urgently repair the dilapidated National Highway (NH-6).
In a memorandum to Gadkari, Congress Shillong MP Vincent H Pala and three other North-East MPs said, “We request that the road be repaired immediately to bring it to a safe and serviceable condition. This includes filling potholes, repairing damaged sections, and ensuring proper road markings and signage for the safety of commuters.”
“Given the rapid increase in traffic, we propose to widen NH-6 to six lanes to accommodate the increased volume of vehicles and ensure smooth flow of traffic. This expansion in the region It will be important for economic growth and facilitating connectivity.
“Once the repair and widening work is completed, we request the government to commit to regular and periodic maintenance to ensure the longevity and safety of this important highway,” they added. ”
NH-6 connects Shillong with Silchar, Mizoram and Tripura. The memorandum said that the condition of NH-6 is currently in a very dilapidated state, causing great inconvenience to the people of these areas and posing a major security threat.
The deteriorating condition of NH-6 continues to be a cause of great concern for the residents and commuters of these areas.

“Despite being an important lifeline connecting these states, the road has not been adequately repaired or maintained in the last one year, leading to problems, including increased travel time, accidents, And there are disruptions in the transportation of essential goods,” they said.
The MPs also drew the Union Minister’s attention to the phenomenal increase in traffic on the route, mainly due to mining activities in Meghalaya and growing economic interdependence between the states connected by NH-6.
“The existing two-lane road is not sufficient to accommodate this increase in traffic, causing traffic congestion, delays, and significant negative impacts on the local economy. As the only road connecting Meghalaya to the Barak Valley, the importance of this highway cannot be overemphasized,” they asserted.

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