For Naga freedom movement Isak Muivah proven his integrity

For Naga freedom movement Isak Muivah proven his integrity

Kohima: On the occasion of the 45th foundation day of NSCN-IM, Chairman Q Tuccu said that NSCN-IM under the leadership of Isak-Muivah has proved its reputation as the torch bearer of Naga political issue.
Addressing the event, Tuccu emphasized NSCN-IM’s unwavering commitment to the Naga cause and the preservation of its unique identity.
“We stand in the field to stand with our flag and Yehzabo which is the symbol of our history and national identity. Ever since the NSCN came into being, we have given many heroes to the Naga national cause, and we “His sacrifices will never be betrayed. He will always be remembered for his patriotism and love for the Naga nation,” Tuccu declared.
Highlighting the resilience of the organization over the years, Tuccu noted that the NSCN-IM has successfully stood the test of time. In the face of rapidly changing circumstances, he lauded the commitment of its members to the Naga political cause, showing remarkable resilience and loyalty.

Tuccu stressed the significance of the Framework Agreement, acknowledging the difficulties faced but affirming their steadfast stand on its implementation as the only viable and ideal solution to the longstanding Naga political issue.

“Above everything, let us be faithful to the Almighty God as we have adopted the slogan ‘Nagaland for Christ.’ Let us give honor to God in letter and spirit. Remember that He will never leave us when confronted with the hardest times. Let us trust Him as we connect our political struggle under His guidance and promises,” urged Chairman Q Tuccu.

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